Cross-Lingual Contextual Embedding Space Mapping

Proposed a novel method of contextual embedding mapping and revealed the tight relationship of isotropy, isometry and isomorphsim in contextual embedding spaces.

Efficient Quadratic Programming in Wireless Communication

Developed a new algorithm to reduce the peak energy of data transmission based on Unimodular Quadratic Programming.

Gradual Fine-Tuning for Low-Resource Domain Adaptation

Proposed novel data augmentation approach for domain adaptation, which surpasses state-of-the-art performance in Dialogue State Tracking and Event Extraction tasks.

Image expansion with GANs

Built a deep learning method based on GANs to naturally predict and expand the boundaries of incomplete images

Invisible Signature Security System

Designed a human-computer interaction GUI system to recognize signatures of users with high precision, where users sign their names in the air (invisibly).

Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Dependency Parsing

Investigated a zero-shot approach for dependency parsing by building a multilingual concept-shared semantic space, which achieves state-of-the-art performance.